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Thinking Why? What’s the Root Cause? Let’s Look Closer

Despite having 64% of its population below the age of 30, Pakistan struggles with a dishearteningly low youth voter turnout. The age group of 18 to 29, although the largest among registered voters, only accounts for 29.4% of the total. According to research conducted by PILDAT, the average youth voter turnout in the past eight (8) elections has been a mere 31%, lagging 13 percentage points behind the overall average voter turnout of 44%. Adding to the challenge is the scarce participation of young people as candidates in local, provincial, and national elections. For the youth to be motivated to vote and actively engage in democratic practices, they need to see themselves adequately represented in the pool of candidates.

PILDAT’s Perspective:
Be Seen, Be Heard Campaign

With a particular focus on the youth, women, marginalized communities, and other groups sometimes ignored in mainstream political discourse, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the need of political engagement.


In order to have a significant impact on promoting inclusion, empowerment, and participation in Pakistan, The Body Shop Pakistan and PILDAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency) have teamed up for the “Be Seen, Be Heard” campaign. Together, they can make the most of their specific advantages to magnify the voices of disadvantaged communities, promote policy changes, and motivate people to actively participate in the democratic process, all of which will contribute to the creation of a society that is more inclusive and equitable.

Youth’s Electoral Participation in Pakistan

PILDAT launches a report on Youth’s Electoral Participation in Pakistan, in collaboration with The Body Shop, as a vital initiative under the global campaign ‘Be Seen, Be Heard’ to empower youth. Join us in amplifying the voices of the youth.

For the English version of the report

For the Urdu version of the report

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Join the Campaign with US

Young people should take part in discussions about their future. We will post opinions, ideas, and campaign developments in real-time on our Twitter account, @Pildat. Voice your opinions, thoughts and suggestions using these hashtags on social media; #YouthinParliament and #BeSeenBeHeard.

Campaign Happenings

In order to promote inclusivity, empowerment, and active involvement in democratic processes, The Body Shop Pakistan and PILDAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency) are collaborating. In Pakistan, study and data collection on matters pertaining to representation, civic participation, and democratic practices are crucially important. Their study aids in identifying areas that need attention and improvement and offers insightful information about the difficulties faced by underrepresented groups. Through its marketing and communication channels, The Body Shop Pakistan rapidly propagates the campaign’s message of inclusivity, empowerment, and representation. They make use of their platform to inform the public about the objectives of the campaign and to motivate individuals to take part in initiatives that advance inclusivity and social change.

Young People:

Creating the Future

It is not possible to trust a group of suited bureaucrats with the destiny of the globe. Youth are imaginative, open-minded, and full of pertinent questions. PILDAT & TBS are confident in their creativity, vigor, and resolve to stand up for what is right. They are politically engaged, continually displaying their willingness to stand up for our society, the environment, and the future. “Why do we persist in underestimating them? Now, more than ever, it is essential for young people to have a voice. We are committed to campaigning vigorously to ensure they are heard and valued.”

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