Representatives of political parties and Youth engage in a dialogue to increase Youth representation in the electoral process of Pakistan


The third and the final session of the series was held in Peshawar on December 12 2023. A total of 98  students of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, IMSCIENCES and Peshawar University participated in the session. 54 Female and 44 male students participated in the dialogue. The political Parties were represented by:

  • Samar Bilour (ANP)
  • Haider Ali Khan (PPP)
  • Sohaibuddin Kakakhel
  • Ali Khan Yousafzai (PML-N)
  • Naeema Kishwar (JUI)
  • Sohail Khan Afridi (PTI)

The members of the political parties laid down some of the key points that they said will be included in their manifestos in the coming elections.

Ms. Samar Bilour of ANP in her comments mentioned that the party aims to provide best educational facilities to the youth of the province. The party also aims to provide youth with soft loans to set up their own businesses and not be dependent on the government for jobs. She said that the finance for all this will be arranged by demanding the royality on electricity which the federal government has to pay the province. She also went on to say that for engaging the youth in the political and electoral processes  the party will work to bring a strong local government system in the province. Software camps, safe public spaces and clean and pollution free city is also what the party manifesto has for the youth.

Mr. Sohaibuddin Kakakhel, representing the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, said that their party manifesto for the youth in based on three Es.

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Engagement

He said that the main focus of the party will be on education. At the moment 20-25% graduates in the province. He said that the Jamaat will encourage free lancing and set up such facilities where the youth can gain skills for free lancing. He said that the party will also work on developing the sports infrastructure in the province so that the youth can engage and Chanell their energies in a positive manner. He said that for engaging the youth in politics the party will work to revive the syudent unions in the educational institutions.

Ms. Naeema Kishwar of JUI said that in the past government of JUI in the province, the party helped establish a women university and an all female medical university in the province. The JUI govt developed a lot of play grounds in the province and skill based education was provided in the vocational training institutes. The Party will build on these initiatives further she commented.

Dr. Haider Ali Khan of PPP said that their party was led by a very young chairman and that should give hope to the youth that there is a leader who understands their problems and has the potential to become their voice. He said that the main emphasis of the party in the province will be provision of quality education for all the youth. He said that the party will work on the updating the curriculum. The party will issue youth cards / student cards that can be used by the youth for getting scholarships or loans for their small businesses.

The representative of PML-N , Mr. Ali Khan Yousazai, said that PML-N provided laptops and launched soft loan schemes for the youth and they aim to continue the same.

Mr. Sohail Khan Afridi, representing PTI said that PTI is the party of youth and it will keep working for the youth. He reffred to the Kamyab Jawan Programme launched by the PTI government and said that PTI has plans to take the programme further.