Political party representatives ensure the Youth of increased participation in electoral process of Pakistan


The second session of the series was held in Islamabad on December 07 2023. The students of Quaid-e-Azam University and Bahria university attended the session. The political parties were represented by:

  • Qamar ul Islam Raja (PML-N)
  • Ms, Naila Khan Marwat (PTI)
  • Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali (JIP)
  • Maliaka Raza (PPP)
  • Shahida Akhtar Ali (JUI)

In the opening remarks the participants were provided with an introduction and backdrop in which the session was being held. The political party representatives were asked to focus on the following 4 questions:

  1. What are the political parties doing for the inclusion of youth in the electoral process of Pakistan?
  2. ⁠Do the youth wings of political parties engage with the youth to draft / propose youth friendly policies?
  3. ⁠How can political parties ensure that youth is given an opportunity to contest elections as contesting elections has become very expensive?
  4. ⁠Is there a minimum Percentage of Youth (25-35 years) who will be awarded tickets in the coming elections?

The members of the political parties laid down some of the key points that they said will be included in their manifestos in the coming elections.

The representative of the Pakistan Peoples’ party stated that the party will lay emphasis on the education and will ensure that the youth are provided with the modern education. The party intends to issue youth cards on the lines of Benazir Income support programme that will provide soft loans to the youth for education or for setting up their businesses.

The PML-N representative narrated that the lap top scheme and the provision of soft loans to young entrepreneurs as the hall mark of  his party’s vision for the youth and said that the laptops will not only aid in getting good quality education but also help the youth to work on line and earn a living.

The JUI and the JIP representatives also highlighted the achievements of their parties. Ms. Shahida Akhtar Ali, former MNA and a senior leader of the JUI said that her party helped establish universities specially separate women universities in KP during the last tenure of MMA government.

Mr. Chitrali, former MNA of JIP and a senior leader while speaking on the occasion mentioned that JIP is planning to give 40% tickets to the youth for contesting the coming 2024 elections.

The political party presentations were followed by an intense question and answer session in which the youth asked for more detailed plans of the political parties about youth. A total of 120 members of the youth attended the session out of which female representation was 40%.