Provincial Rule of Law Index of Pakistan: 2016


Publication No: ROL-052

Rs 3,000  

The PILDATProvincial Rule of Law Index 2016 is the first of its kind indigenous report that has been compiled based on the public opinion survey of 2000 Adult Men and Women and 38 Expert Interviews across Pakistan’s 4 Provinces. Titled as the Pakistan Justice Report, the report compares how public opinion views rule of law across Pakistan’s provinces.

The PILDAT Provincial Rule of Law Index 2016, is inspired by the work done by World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index, is the first of its kind and unique in its nature in Pakistan’s context. While the WJPRule of Law Index is available for Pakistan as a country but PILDAT felt that this index can become far more effective and useful if it is computed on a provincial basis for Pakistan.

PILDAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency) is an independent, non-partisan and not-forprofit indigenous think tank focused on political and public policy research and legislative strengthening. As an indigenous institution, its mission is to strengthen democracy, democratic institutions and democratic governance in Pakistan. Founded in 2001, the organisation focuses on producing objective, research-based analysis on policies especially under review by the Parliament and the Executive.

PILDAT would like to acknowledge that the frame work for this study has been borrowed from all publicly available resources with respect to World Justice Project’s WJP Rule of Law Index, especially on their website. We are deeply appreciative of the Open Data Policy of WJP and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (main sponsor of WJP).

PILDAT team working on the initiative has been led by Mr. Khurram Malik, Projects Manager, and includes Ms. Adeela Bahar Khan and Ms. Sabahat Afsheen, under the overall leadership and guidance of Ms. Aasiya Riaz, Joint Director and Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, President.

PILDAT commissioned the services of Gallup Pakistan in design, fieldwork and report writing for this study. The Provincial Rule of Law Index of Pakistan 2016 is prepared and published by PILDAT under the project of Strengthening Rule of Law in Pakistan, supported by Development Alternative Inc. (DAI) under the Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) Project.