Evaluation of Parliament 2008-2009

State of Democracy in Pakistan


Publication No: PM-014

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The Evaluation of the National Assembly, a report by PILDAT, has been compiled at the conclusion of the first year of the 13th National Assembly of Pakistan after the February 2008 elections. The report has been compiled using the criteria developed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). This is the first time that any organisation is undertaking the Evaluation of the Parliament using the IPU framework. This report, therefore, provides a baseline on the subject on a criteria that internationally comparable. This report should be viewed as a work-in-progress. The findings contained in the report will be shared with the Parliament and their views sought. The purpose of the evaluation is to make Parliament more effective, responsive and accountable institution for the people. We hope that this evaluation will help in identifying the weak and strong points of the National Assembly which in turn will help the Assembly, its members, leadership and the secretariat to set in a reform process to address the weaknesses and acknowledge the strengths.