PILDAT-UNDP Conference

Legislative Strengthening: Challenges and Opportunities


Publication No: PD-003

Rs 3,000  

PILDAT held a one-day National Conference on ‘Legislative Strengthening: Challenges and Opportunities’ on December 21, 2002, in association with the United Nations Development Programme. The conference was a part of the PILDAT-UNDP Legislative Capability-building Pilot Project, aiming at ascertaining the needs and challenges facing the new assemblies and the members in order to develop a comprehensive capability building programme. The main objectives of the conference included highlighting the major challenges facing the newly elected assemblies and promoting dialogue, exchange of ideas and specified measures to meet the challenges among political analysts, intellectuals, politicians and civil society leadership. The proceedings of the conference contain the speeches, presentations and papers presented by the speakers and resource persons, as well as transcripts of the Q&A sessions among the speakers and participants.