Pakistan Ka Dastoori Jaiza [Urdu]

Overview of the Constitution of Pakistan - Briefing Session for Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff


Publication No: PD-069

Rs 3,000  

The proceedings of the briefing session on Overview of the Constitution of Pakistan present details of the session covering presentations on Overview of the Constitution of pakistan by Dr. Syed Jafar Ahmad, Director Pakistan Study Centre, Karachi; Overview of 17 Constitutional Amendments by Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, Former Minister for Law; Comparison of Indian and Pakistani Constitutions by Prof. Dr. Sajjad Naseer, Political Science Dept, Punjab University, Lahore. In addition the proceedings carry an account of interaction between MPs and experts in the form of Q&A/Comments. The proceedings also carry appendices containing presentations/papers by experts presented at the briefing.