Pace & Progress of Pakistan-Afghanistan Official Dialogue: January-November 2012

Pak-Afghan Parliamentry Dialogue Round-VII


Publication No: PD-306

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As neighbours Pakistan and Afghanistan have unquestionable significance for each other. Geo-strategic, political and economic reasons make it compulsion for both the countries to have cordial relations in their respective vested interests and larger interests of peace in regional and international context. Since January 2012, there are several sets of official Dialogues between the two neighbouring countries have taken place to normalise the relations particularly make efforts to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan. This report narrates major highlights of the pace and progress of the official dialogues from January – November 2012. The Report has been prepared for the Parliamentarians of the two countries who meet periodically, at the unofficial level, to enhance the role of Parliamentary Diplomacy in improving Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. The Pak-Afghan Parliamentary Dialogues are facilitated by PILDAT. The report has been prepared for consideration and adoption at the 7th round of Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentarians Dialogue-VII scheduled to be held in Islamabad on December 11-12, 2012. The report has been prepared by the PILDAT team.