Legislative Capability-building Programme

for Legislators, Parliamentary Staff and Civil Society


Publication No: PD-021

Rs 3,000  

In Pakistan, we are fortunate to have a strong, organised and structured system to train and groom the members of the civil and military bureaucracy (the Executive) and the Judiciary and to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date through an elaborate system of Service Academies, Administrative Staff Colleges, Refresher Courses, Study Tours and fellowships at the developed countries’ institutions. Unfortunately no such system exists for grooming the legislators to keep their knowledge and expertise current. True that the real grooming of politicians takes place through the rigours of the political process but a structured system of enhancing the skills, expertise and capability of legislators is a must to fully orient them with the changing needs of national and international arena. In order to facilitate the legislators to perform their functions of legislation, representation and oversight of executive in a befitting manner and to interact with their counterparts in the executive and the judiciary, a programme to enhance the skills and expertise of legislators is a dire need in Pakistan. The dream of strengthening democracy and democratic institutions will remain unrealised without building and enhancing the capacity of the legislators.