Inter-State Water Disputes and Interlinking of Rivers in India

Case Study


Publication No: PD-215

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The enormous drain of water into the seas, the paradoxical and perennial shortage of water for irrigation and drinking, and the floods in many parts of India have prompted the idea of Interlinking or networking of rivers. The idea has been deliberated over the decades in India, which entails construction of dams and canals and other connected hydraulic engineering works for mass transfer of water across River basins. The objective of behind reproducing this study is to provide a learning experience from other cases similar to ours while trying to address our inter-provincial differences over water distribution. PILDAT is using the article of Ms. Shreya Tripathi from online sources and printing this as Case Study to describe the Inter-State Water disputes and Interlinking of Rivers in Indian States (states in India are the equivalent of provinces in Pakistan) and how the efforts are being made to resolve the issues. Similarities in the socio-economic conditions of India and Pakistan make this Case Study even more relevant and useful for Pakistan. We hope that this study will help in putting the Pakistani Inter-provincial Water issues in a broader context and help Pakistani experts and stakeholders in using the examples learnt through this study.