Financing Quality Basic Education For All

for the Members of the Parliament and Provincial Assembly of Sindh - June 25, 2010, Islamabad - October 04, 2010, Karachi


Publication No: PD-245

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Two Roundtables Discussion on Financing Quality Basic Education For All were organised for the Members of the Parliament and for Members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh by PILDAT, in collaboration with UNESCO, on June 25, 2010 and October 04, 2010 respectively. In the year 2000, the Government of Pakistan ratified two major frameworks of action, namely the Education for All charter of objectives at the Dakar (Senegal) World Education Forum and the Millennium Development Goals at the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York. Pakistan has, therefore, committed to undertake necessary steps in the achievement of targets set in the two international frameworks such as universal basic education and literacy, expansion of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECCE) facilities, provision of free and compulsory quality primary education for all children, reduction of gender inequalities in education, and enhancement of quality of primary education by the year 2015. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the six countries regarded as being far from the EFA goals. In view of the critical importance of education for long-term security, stability and prosperity of Pakistan, it is important to highlight the importance of achieving the promised EFA goals and involve a broad range of stakeholders such as Parliamentarians, senior officials, media and citizens in the effort to make the state institutions seriously move forward on achieving these goals. The Roundtables were organised in this context to initiate a serious discussion on financing quality basic education for all in Pakistan.