This update is meant to identify key developments during the month on Performance of Democratic Institutions in Pakistan with selected high-profile international developments included occasionally.

In this Issue:

  1. Military Briefing to the Parliament
  2. Appointment of New Governor Balochistan
  3. PM Appoints another Federal Minister and Special Assistant
  4. Governor Punjab returns the Punjab Privileges(Amendment) Bill 2021 to the Speaker
  5. CJP inaugurates Programme to Reform Criminal Justice System
  6. MoIB Rejects RSF Gallery of Grim Portraits
  7. SC labels Workplace Harassment Law to be limited in scope
  8. DG ISPR on Afghanistan
  9. PM orders curtailing of protocol
  10. Cabinet approves 15 percent increase in salary of Military personnel
  11. PM says Kashmiris can opt for independence after accession
  12. ECP incomplete as 2 Members Retire
  13. Federal Cabinet approves National Cyber Security Policy 2021
  14. Pakistan rejects US Report on Investment Climate
  15. ECP Notice to PTI
  16. Performance of Public Servants to be linked with redressal of public grievances: PM
  17. US recognizes Pakistan’s efforts on FATF grey list
  18. Afghan NSA Meets Mr. Nawaz Sharif in London
  19. President briefed on National Security
  20. National Assembly holds 8 Sittings in July
  21. The Senate holds 4 Sittings in July
  22. Chairman Senate meets Foreign Dignitaries
  23. Speaker National Assembly meets Foreign Dignitaries
  24. Interactions of COAS with Foreign Dignitaries
  25. Tunisian President Suspends Parliament