Military’s Commercial interests

PILDAT Issue Paper on Civil-Military Relations


Publication No: CMR-107

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The subject of business and commercial activities by the Military has evoked much controversy in Pakistan. This issue has been approached differently by different people. This paper, commissioned by PILDAT and authored by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Humayun Khan Bangash, is one of the latest views on the issue by a senior retired army officer, offering a rationale and details of the military’s commercial and business activities. It is often said that huge conglomerates provide economic power to senior Military Command which fuels their political ambition and the resultant political power is used for the benefit of these conglomerates. The Military strongly rejects this point of view. Military is very emphatic in stating that the funds generated by the commercial concerns are used entirely for welfare measures. This paper presents the perspective by the Armed Forces. The objective of the paper is to generate fact-based debate and well-structured policy revision on the subject. The paper is part of PILDAT’s work on Democratic Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan.