Workers Manifesto 2007 Pakistan Workers Federation One Voice of Workers


Publication No: WM-PWF-2007

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Although there exist basic institutional and legal frameworks for securing human and labour rights in Pakistan, structural flaws in the social political and economic systems of the country continue to exclude a large majority of workers from attaining their fundamental rights through a host of barriers. The vast majority of workers belonging to the informal sector thus continue to remain outside the ambit of the prevalent labour laws and social protection nets in the country.

It is in this backdrop that the Pakistan Workers Federation formed by the merger of the All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions (APFTU), All Pakistan Federation of Labour (APFOL) and Pakistan National Federation of Trade Unions (PNFTU) determined to work together to promote and protect the rights of the workers has prepared the Workers Manifesto 2007. Through this Manifesto the PWF seeks to translate the aspirations of the hundreds and thousands of workers across the country and proposes the following minimum provisions to all political parties of Pakistan and asks them to make it a part of their Election Manifestoes and implement it in letter and spirit when they come into power.