Punjab Ka Salana Tarqyati Programme (ADP) 2010-2011 [Urdu]

Objectives, Strategies, Priorities and Estimates


Publication No: GOV-006

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This Briefing Paper, Annual Development Programme (ADP) of Punjab 2010-2011, has been prepared to provide an overview of the current Budget Process, the upcoming Budget and the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the Financial Year 2010-2011 to enable the Honourable Members of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to contribute more effectively during the Pre-Budget Session of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. The briefing paper covers sub-topics such as objectives of the Annual Development Programme, adoption of strategies to achieve those objectives, priorities in Annual Development Programme (including social, production and services sectors), Financial Estimations for Annual Development Programme 2010-2011 and Guidelines for the preparation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) 2010-2011. The Briefing Paper is part of the Parliamentary and Political Party Strengthening Project of PILDAT in association with the Parliamentary Centre, Canada and with support from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).