Assessment of the Quality of Governance in Pakistan: June 1, 2013 – May 31, 2014

A Compilation of Experts' Analysis on Quality of Governance across Pakistan's Federal and Provincial Governments


Publication No: GOV-013

Rs 3,000  

This book consists of assessments and opinions by a series of experts who explore through ways by which Pakistan, as a nation, can move beyond these crises. Our compilation of Experts’ Analysis on Quality of Governance across Pakistan’s Federal and Provincial Governments puts forward an analysis of the Quality of Governance during 2013-2014. This collection of Experts’ Assessments is part of PILDAT’s new initiative of Assessment of Quality of Governance in Pakistan. As a Pakistani organisation, PILDAT has developed an indigenous framework to monitor the quality of governance. While greatly benefitting from many international frameworks to assess the Quality of Governance, the indigenous framework has been prepared by PILDAT with the valuable input of a 25-member Steering Committee comprising some of the most eminent experts from the four Provinces. This report is a compilation of analyses penned down by members of the PILDAT Steering Committee as well as some external experts.