State of Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

Monthly Report January 2013


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Publication No: ER-060

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PILDAT Report State of Electoral Reforms in Pakistan: Monthly Report: January 2013 has been prepared to present analysis of the Package of Amendments to the Representation of the People Act, 1976 (LXXXV of 1976) as proposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan. The Report also carries PILDAT analysis of the Key Developments with the potential to Impact upcoming General Election. PILDAT has been monitoring the implementation of Election Commission of Pakistan’s 5 Year Strategic Plan on a quarterly basis since October 2011. However, as the country faces the upcoming 10th General Election in 2013, it is felt that a monthly analysis and review of progress on Electoral Reforms as well as electoral processes leading up to the 10th General Election may be a more timely and efficient manner of providing citizens’ review on these issues. The report carries progress review of Election Commission of Pakistan’s 5 Year Strategic Plan as on December 31, 2012. The ECP 5 Year Strategic Plan outlines some of the reform initiatives that are planned by the ECP. While the ECP has the responsibility to implement the 5-year strategic plan, it is the responsibility of the citizens to monitor the progress of implementation and raise questions where the progress is slow or stalled. PILDAT’s effort in the form of citizens’ monitoring is not an effort in finger-pointing and instead it is designed to be helpful to the ECP in overcoming obstacles in the way of timely implementation of its 5-Year Strategic Plan.