State of Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

5th Quarter: Citizen's Monitoring Report on the Implementation of the ECP 5-Year Strategic Plan: As on December 30, 2012


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Publication No: ER-058

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This is the fifth quarterly monitoring report on the implementation of the ECP 5-Year Strategic Plan. We hope that this report will inform the general public and all stake holders. While the ECP has the responsibility to implement the 5-year strategic plan, it is the responsibility of the citizens to monitor the progress of implementation and raise questions where the progress is slow or stalled. PILDAT firmly believes that citizens’ monitoring will not be an effort in finger-pointing rather it will be helpful to ECP in overcoming obstacles in the way of timely implementation. The Monitoring Report will further strengthen the transparency in ECP operations which has tremendously improved over the past couple of years. We also believe that this monitoring report will also further promote public dialogue on electoral reforms and bring public and the ECP closer. This report will be helpful in identifying the areas of weakness early on so

that efforts may be focused on expediting the implementation in those areas. Eventually, we believe, this report, which we plan to compile quarterly, will contribute towards the timely implementation of the Strategic Plan. It may here be added that the pace of implementation of the Strategic plan is not entirely dependent on the ECP. Funds, which is the basic need for moving forward on most of the Strategic Goals, have to come from the Government of Pakistan or through international institutions. ECP can recommend legislation but the final decision on passing or not passing a law has to be taken by the Parliament. This report is therefore not an effort to pass judgment on the performance of the ECP. This report is intended to convince all stake holders that it is important to make steady progress in achieving the deadlines set in the Strategic plan.