Elections 2008

A Comparative Analysis of Election 2008 Manifestoes of Major Political Parties


Publication No: ER-026

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The Analysis of Election 2008 Manifestoes of major Political Parties of Pakistan is an attempt to showcase the pledges, promises and policies of the political parties on issues that they feel are important for the Pakistani electorate. The 2008 Election takes place in the backdrop of a dense political, constitutional and security environment with the electorate complaining of ever-increasing inflation and high cost of living. The issues such as the role of the military in politics, independence of the judiciary and the reinstatement of deposed Judges, insurgency in tribal areas, centre-provinces relations, economic uplift of the people, etc., all make part of news headlines in the period of preceding election. This study analyses how the leading political parties of Pakistan that are supposed to have their hands on the pulse of the people, respond to these issues and what policies do they propose for addressing these issues.