State of Democracy in Pakistan

Report for the Year 2006


Publication No: AD-020

Rs 3,000  

The State of Democracy in Pakistan – Report of the Year 2006 attempts to present an objective and factual analysis of the state of democracy and the process of democratization in Pakistan. Published on an annual basis, the State of Democracy in Pakistan Report presents information in a nonpartisan and impartial narrative, and attempts to provide a comprehensive analysis of the decisions and events that have had an impact on the process of democratisation during the period. The rationale of the report is based on the need to have an authoritative and indigenous commentary on the state of democracy in Pakistan. The objective is to monitor, record and analyse the process of democratisation, in order to both aid the process and make it more transparent for the people of Pakistan and the international observers. PILDAT has written the report by carrying out required research while also managing the report’s compilation and publication. The main sources of the report are a mix of local and foreign newspapers, reports, commentaries, editorials, articles and information from the Senate, the National and the Provincial Assembly Secretariats.