Public Verdict on Democracy: 2008 to 2013

Based on a nationally-representative Survey


Publication No: AD-037

Rs 3,000  

As the present Government and Parliament complete five-year term in 2013, PILDAT joined hands with Gallup Pakistan to hold a popular jury of the average Pakistani citizens, the voters, to give their verdict on the performance of Pakistan’s first democratic experience which lasted for 5 years. Public Verdict on Democracy 2008-2013 presents analysis of the results of a nationally representative survey on performance of democracy in Pakistan during the past 5 years. To provide comparative analysis of the popular survey result, the report also compares these with the opinions of the expert jury, consisting of PILDAT Democracy Assessment Group (DAG) on the performance of democracy in Pakistan during the period. As the report presents the analysis, the verdict of the survey is a mixture of “applause,” “appreciation” and “reprimand.”