Assessment of the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan: January – December 2011

Final Version


Publication No: AD-032

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The Assessment of the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan: Year 2011 is a report prepared by PILDAT and its Democracy Assessment Group to evaluate democracy in Pakistan during the calendar year of 2011. The assessment is based on an international criteria developed by the International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance – IIDEA. PILDAT had earlier prepared a Mid-Term Assessment on the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan based on this framework that covered the period between March 2008 to September 2010. This is, therefore, a continuation of a periodic assessment of state and society by PILDAT using global indicators and framework for international comparison. The PILDAT initiative to assess the quality of democracy in Pakistan is a modest yet significant effort to make democracy deliver and work. A Democracy Score Card 2011 based on the evaluation carried out by the individual members of the Democracy Assessment Group is also part of the report. The Assessment has been carried out based on an international framework that rests on four pillars and 15 sub-pillars divided under 75 questions.