PILDAT Annual Report 2005-2006

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This is the fourth Annual Report of PILDAT, covering the period from July 01, 2005 to June 30, 2006.

This report presents the variety of various initiatives of PILDAT. Focused on promoting understanding, resolutions of conflict scenarios and inculcating a leaning contributing to the strengthening of democracy and democratic institutions and peaceful coexistence. From dialogue on civil-military relations to dialogue to develop understanding between the Muslim World and the West, PILDAT focused during the period on facilitating-linkages and providing avenues of support stakeholders for a sustainable democracy.

The year 2007 is termed as crucial for the democracy in Pakistan as the country faces a General Election. Owing to that PILDAT directed its efforts towards research and activities on topics such as the system of caretaker government before election, conduct of Local Government Elections and its impact on General Election and research publications on required reform in electoral processes and regional comparison of various laws and systems.