PILDAT: New Logo New Identity


Having been registered and operational since 2002, PILDAT has turned 16 in 2018. The identity of the organisation was designed in the shape of our logo in 2002.

In these 16 years, PILDAT has grown and evolved and we believe it is time for a change. The PILDAT team, therefore, has worked to bring in a fresh new look of PILDAT identity in the shape of a fresh new logo.

The cornerstone of PILDAT’s work is strengthening democracy and democratic institutions. Democracy, therefore, is central to our work. Like the earlier logo, the new logo also accentuates the “D” of Democracy in our name. Shaped like a crescent with the star, the “D” of Democracy also represents Pakistan. The new logo conveys the message, therefore, that Pakistan and democracy are synonymous. In other words, PILDAT logo is re-designed to convey that Pakistan’s prosperous future is linked to our democratic ethos and future developments in democratic governance.

With the blessings of the PILDAT’s Board of Directors, we begin the use of the new Urdu and English Logos.

As before, PILDAT will continue to strive towards strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan.