Key Features/Terms & Conditions of the Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme

The Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme is conceived and implemented by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency – PILDAT under Tabeer programme.

  1. Total number of fellows under the Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme (YPFP) is to be 20.
  2. The Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme will run for a duration of four weeks. Most of the activities will be on week days but some activities in extra-ordinary circumstances / travel may be scheduled over the weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Majority of the activities will take place in Islamabad. The selected Fellows will be expected to arrange for their boarding and lodging in Islamabad for which a modest stipend of Rs. 50,000/- will be provided to the Fellows. During the Study visits to the provincial capitals, travel, boarding and lodging will be arranged by the Programme.
  3. The Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme (YPFP) is to have representation of all political parties represented in the National Assembly and/or the four Provincial Assemblies
  4. The age of fellows would be between 25 and 35 years as of September 16, 2019.
  5. PILDAT/Tabeer Team will finalise selection for the fellowship. Criteria for selection is given in the following section. After the received EoIs are shortlisted, interviews will be conducted by PILDAT to finalise candidates for the Young Politicians’ Fellowship Programme. Women, Minorities, Persons with Disabilities and Young Pakistanis belonging to underprivileged areas are strongly encouraged to apply.
  6. The Fellowship will consist of various Political/Educational activities at Islamabad consisting of roundtable discussions with renowned leaders and experts in their respective fields. Fellows will be required to prepare a Policy Brief alongside and present to a group of reviewers, based on which they will be graded.
  7. The Fellowship will also consist of Study Visits to the parliamentary institutions and meetings with senior public officials based in Islamabad and Lahore.
  8. Some of the programme proceedings of the YPFP will be placed on the website as a record.
  9. Process of submitting EoIs would be free of charge. Travel cost of selected Fellows from their home base to Islamabad will be covered (one-time) by the Programme.
  10. Once selected as a Fellow, each Fellow will be provided with a modest Stipend of Rs. 50,000/- to directly cover stay, food and miscellaneous expenses during the period of 4-week-long Fellowship. However, expenses relating to travel, stay and meals for the study visits will be borne by the Programme.
  11. If a candidate or a person on his/her behalf, or political party approaches PILDAT/Tabeer directly or indirectly to influence the selection process, the candidate will stand disqualified.
  12. A change in the key features may be made by PILDAT at any time without any advance notice. However, an effort will be made to provide sufficient notice about the change to the concerned persons.
  13. Candidates are requested to write their original answers in the EoI. The assessment process will undertake plagiarism tests and in case of plagiarized content, the EoI will be rejected.

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