PILDAT joins Parents and Families of Youth Parliament Pakistan Martyrs in commemorating 11 Year Anniversary


The PILDAT team joins in thoughts and prayers with Parents and Families of 6 members of Youth Parliament Pakistan who were martyred in the cause of public service and democracy in the Airblue flight 202 crash on July 28, 2010, 11 years ago today. Commemorating this day, PILDAT team stands in solidarity with parents and families of the 6 martyred members of Youth Parliament Pakistan whose irreparable loss and void can never be expressed in words.

The 6 trained and capable future leaders of Pakistan were on board the Airblue flight 202 from Karachi to Islamabad to attend the Youth Parliament session in Islamabad. The 6 martyred Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan aboard the Airblue flight included Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02; Blue Party) Youth Prime Minister; Syeda Rabab Zehra Naqvi (YP41-SINDH04; Blue Party) Youth Information MinisterMr. Prem Chand (YP38-SINDH01; Blue Party) Youth Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs; Mr. Bilal Nasir Jamaee (YP44-SINDH07; Green Party) Youth Shadow Minister for InformationMr. Owais Bin Laiq (YP45-SINDH08; Green Party) Former Youth Shadow Minister for Information; Member Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information and Syed Arsalan Ahmad (YP42-SINDH05; Blue Party) Member Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information.

The PILDAT management and team, its board of directors and the Youth Parliament alumni from across Pakistan as well as the various supporters of the Youth Parliament project remember with fondness the 6 bright young leaders who left us too soon.