Pakistan Debates [Urdu]

23-29 March 2009


Publication No: YTH-013

Rs 3,000  

“Pakistan Debates” is a PILDAT special initiative to discuss some important ideological, social, economic and democratic issues of Pakistan. Pakistani youth as well as informed citizen are invited to participate in “Pakistan Debates” to have a healthy and meaningful discussion on these topics. There would be a set pattern for debate in which arguments will be given for and against the issue and decision would be made on audience votes. 13 episodes are recorded in collaboration with Geo TV Network which would be aired on ‘Aag’ channel and ‘Geo News’ from March, 2009. Pakistan Debates are presented in collaboration with British High Commission; however the topics discussed in debates or views or opinion presented in it does not necessarily reflect British High Commission point of view. The discussion paper ‘Pakistan Debated’ is interpretation of selected topics and set of few question related to that topic. However it is not necessarily covering all the aspects of the topic. These are the questions we want to get answers through the process of debate. We hope that this discussion paper will be a use full document for the participants and other interested people.