Dialogue Between the Muslim World and the West: Youth Representatives From United Kingdom and Pakistan: May 8-13, 2006

Background and Introduction


Publication No: YTH-003

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This publication serves as a Background and Introductory Paper to the Dialogue between the Muslim World and the West that is scheduled to take place from May 08-13, 2006 in Pakistan. The Dialogue brings together young leaders from Britain and Pakistan to exchange views on some of the issues that define the relationship between the West and the Muslim World. As this publication explains, the Dialogue is a bid to provide an avenue of much-needed interaction between the youth of two societies to understand leading perceptions about each other as well as demystify some of the leading debates surrounding the relations. The Dialogue is an effort to involve the youth from two societies in discussing key issues and develop mutually agreed-upon strategies to address some of those. This publication details the background and objectives of the Dialogue as well as identifies some of the rules, suggested themes and questions of the Dialogue. Brief profiles of the delegates from the UK and the list of delegates from Pakistan are also provided as a part of this publication.