6th Youth Parliament Pakistan: A Report on Energy Trade Policy: CASA 1000, Electricity Import from India and Coal Project In Assistance with China. (March – 2015)


Publication No: YPP-ETP-2015

Rs 3,000  

After the successful completion of 5 terms since 2007, the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan was launched in June 2014. The specific objectives of the Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) programme are to inculcate democratic culture and spirit of tolerance for others views among the youth; to expose them to the political and parliamentary processes; to facilitate youth to express their views on various national, international, regional and local issues thereby helping the government and society at large to better understand the concerns of the youth; to groom the leadership potential of the youth of Pakistan by exposing them to peaceful and democratic resolution of differences especially at a time when various parts of Pakistan are suffering from conflict and extremism. Finally this provides a forum to the youth of Pakistan to understand how the Parliament works as the supreme public representative institution in a democracy.

The YPP has its own 2-party system, Leader of the House and Opposition, as well as an augmented system of Parliamentary Committees with Committee Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and Secretaries.

The Youth Parliament Standing Committees of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014), as a part of the learning process, have been tasked with conducting reviews of national policies through research based analysis and with developing cogent policy alternatives for the Parliament and the Government of Pakistan.