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 Understanding Roshan Digital Account, their components and how do these Strengthen Overseas Pakistanis’ bond with Pakistan

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

02:30 pm – 06:30 pm (PKT)

With the aim to link overseas Pakistanis with Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan introduced the Roshan Digital Account (RDA) service in September 2020 as an initiative for digital onboarding of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs). The PILDAT Online Course on Understanding Roshan Digital Account, their components and how do these Strengthen Overseas Pakistanis’ bond with Pakistan has been designed to explore and showcase rationale behind the initiative and to provide better understanding to participants on how this initiative has the potential to serve the Overseas Pakistanis and help strengthen Pakistan’s economy.

In conversations with leading experts, the PILDAT Course has been designed to impart an informed understanding to participants about the Roshan Digital Account and the response of Overseas Pakistanis to the initiative. The course will also explore the financial success reported by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the number/percentage of Overseas Pakistanis that have been connected with the system and the possible role that Pakistan’ Missions abroad can play in promoting this initiative.

Who Should Attend?

The PILDAT Online Course is open to anyone interested in learning about the Roshan Digital Account and its components as well as the larger theme of mainstreaming overseas Pakistanis. The Online Course is especially useful for Pakistanis, Overseas Pakistanis, Banks, Financial Institutions, State Institutions and Corporate Sector dealing with Overseas Pakistanis, Faculty and Students of Business Management, Economics and related fields, foreign nationals interested in understanding the initiative as well as ways and means to strengthen linkage of Pakistan diaspora with homeland. Participants wishing to join the Online course can join from any field or background. The online course is open for registration to anyone including the following:

  • Pakistanis and Overseas Pakistanis
  • Professionals working in Financial and Banking Sectors
  • Professionals working in the Development Sector
  • Politicians and MPs
  • Government Servants
  • Diplomats
  • Media Professionals
  • Think Tank community
  • Academics from various fields
  • Students of Economics, Politics, Law, International Relations, etc.
  • Young Pakistanis aspiring for Civil Service Exams

When and Where?

The one-day online course is being held virtually according to the following plan:
Day & Date:                          Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Time & Duration:                02:30 pm – 06:30 pm (PKT)
Mode of Conduct:               Virtual Via Zoom (Link to Join the Online Course will be shared with participants who have submitted registration.)
Language:                            Largely English though participants comfortable with Urdu can engage in Q&A/Discussion in Urdu language also.

How to Join the Course?

In order to join the course, everyone interested is required to make a registration latest by Friday, October 08, 2021. Please click on the Register Now button below to get registered.

Certificates of completion will be given to successful participants of the course after completing the course.

What will the Course Entail?

Participants to Join the Course online via Zoom.

Course Introduction
Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob
President, PILDAT

The Need to Mainstream Overseas Pakistanis

Sayed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari
Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development

  • What are the key initiatives by the PTI government to mainstream Pakistani diaspora?
  • How successful have been various initiatives?
  • What are future initiatives planned for Pakistan’s diaspora abroad?

Q&A/Discussion/Brief Surveys

Roshan Digital Account & Overseas Pakistanis’ Response

Dr. Reza Baqir*
Governor, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)

  • What is the rationale behind the initiative of Roshan Digital Account for digital onboarding of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs)?
  • What are the key ingredients of the initiative such as Apna Ghar, Car, etc., and what have been the response of OPs to these?
  • How does the initiative help to integrate Pakistani Diaspora with Pakistan’s banking and payment system and what are its benefits to Pakistan and Overseas Pakistanis?
  • How popular has the initiative been since its launch? Apart from financial success reported by the SBP, what number/percentages of OPs have connected with the system and from what regions?
  • What more does the SBP plan to do to connect overseas Pakistanis with the system?
  • What role can Pakistan missions abroad play in promoting this initiative?
  • Any other?

Q&A/Discussion/Brief Surveys

Role & Performance of Banks in Implementing the Initiative of Roshan Digital Account

Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb
President and CEO, Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

  • What services are banks providing to Overseas Pakistanis under Roshan Digital Account?
  • How popular has the initiative been since its launch? What number/percentages of OPs connected with the system and from what regions?
  • How are banks reaching out Overseas Pakistanis around the World?
  • Are there challenges being faced in implementation of Roshan Digital Account?
  • Any other?

Q&A/Discussion/Brief Surveys

Moderated Discussion: Role of Pakistan Missions

H.E. Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Bilal Akbar
Ambassador of Pakistan to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

H.E. Mr. Moazzam Ahmad Khan
High Commissioner of Pakistan to United Kingdom (UK)

H.E. Dr. Asad Majeed Khan
Ambassador of Pakistan to United States of America (USA)

  • How have Pakistan Missions abroad, especially from countries and regions that are the hub of sending highest remittances, played a role in supporting continued remittances to Pakistan?
  • Have the Pakistani missions been involved in promoting the initiative of Roshan Digital Account?
  • What has been the response of Overseas Pakistanis based in top three hubs of sending remittances to Pakistan towards Roshan Digital Account and its components?
  • What, if any, concerns, have been shared by Pakistan diaspora in linking to the initiative?
  • How can the Pakistan Missions play an enhanced role in facilitating OPs to join the initiative and in strengthening their bonds with Pakistan?
  • Any Other?

Q&A/Discussion/Brief Surveys

Concluding Remarks

End of Course

* (To be confirmed)

Profiles of the Resource Persons


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