National Party Issues Policies on Coronavirus Vaccination and Management of Impact of Coronavirus on Education and Economy


February 23: National Party (NP) has issued a set of comprehensive policies on the procurement and administration of Coronavirus Vaccine and management of Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Economy.

In this Exclusive Working Session of Policy Wing of National Party held in Quetta, the party’s policies were discussed and finalised by the party members. The finalised NP Policies on Vaccination, Education and Economy under COVID-19 were also released to the media in a press talk by Mr. Jan Muhammad Buledi, Secretary General, NP, after the session.

The party’s policy on Coronavirus Vaccination states that the government should take special steps to safeguard the lives of every citizen specially doctors and paramedical staff. Moreover, the vaccine should be provided to every citizen free of cost. Private sector should also be allowed to import the vaccine. The policy emphasises that a health emergency should be enforced until the eradication of the virus. The public and the private hospitals should be bound to designate corona wards to treat coronavirus patients. The policy focuses on the formation of a high power commission to determine fee structure of private hospitals. The party policy believes that social security hospitals and Basic Health Units need to be upgraded to facilitate coronavirus patients. For this purpose, health budget should be increased. Testing facilities should be extended to Tehsil level.

National Party policy on Education under COVID-19 states that an Education Emergency should be announced in the country. Party policy favours opening of educational institutions with strict implementation of SOPs. The policy also emphasizes to remove ban on 3G and 4G internet services in some areas of the country to facilitate online education. The policy highlights the issues of private schools and urges to waive off their total utility bills, 50% of building rents, and the government should contribute to their salaries during the pandemic. Also the private schools should reduce their fees. Smart syllabus should be introduced and examinations must be conducted timely. The policy states that special training programs should be conducted to train teachers to conduct online classes effectively.

The policy on Economy under COVID-19 states that a complete lockdown is not the optimum solution and a smart lock down policy is the best strategy. In this regard, political and religious institutions should be asked to follow strict SOPs. The policy highlights that industrial sector must be open and the subsidies may be given to those industries only who pay their workers during the pandemic. The party policy focuses on providing subsidies and soft loans to the public transport and hotel owners. Social security allowance should be provided to the industrial workers. The policy highlights that the role of the parliament remains missing in the whole scenario. An open debate in the parliament needed to take the measures to counter the pandemic and take steps to control unemployment and price hike is need in the parliament. The policy also states that IMF programs should also be revisited and the amount of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) needs to be increased to facilitate masses.

NP members who attended the policy planning session included: Mr. Abdul Ghani Rind, District President Lasbela; Mr. Abdul Hameed Baloch, Member Central Committee; Mr. Abdul Khaliq Baloch, Provincial President; Mr. Abdul Rasool, Member Provincial Working Committee; Mr. Abdul Sattar, Member Central Committee; Mr. Agha Salman Shah, Member Central Committee; Mr. Ali Ahmad Langau, Provincial Spokesperson; Ms. Atia Baloch, Member NP, Mr. Babul Malik Baloch, Provincial President BSO Pujar; Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Khetran, Member NP; Ms. Granaz Baloch, Member NP; Mr. Haji Atta Muhammad Bangalzai, District President Quetta; Ms. Hameeda Fida, Secretary Women District Bolan; Ms. Kalsoom Niaz Baloch, Member Provincial WC; Mr. Khair Bakhsh Baloch, Provincial General Secretary Balochistan; Mr. Mashkoor Baloch,<> District Vice President, Member Working Committee; Mr. Muhammad Jan Dashti, District President; Muhammad Siddique Khetran, Member NP; Mr. Nadir Baloch, Central Secretary General BSO; Mr. Nisar Mashwani, Tehsil President Mastung; Mr. Phalain Baloch, Central Secretary Research & Advocacy; Mr. Rahib Khan Buledi, Central Secretary Law; Mr. Shahwas Hasil Bizenjo, Member Central Committee; Ms. Yasmin Lehri, Central Secretary Women, Former MPA Balochistan and Mr. Zubair Ahmad, Central Chairman BSO Pujar.

The policy can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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