Score Card of the 15th Provincial Assembly of the Punjab

The Third Parliamentary Year: April 09, 2010 – April 08, 2011


Publication No: PM-031

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The current 15 Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, which met on April 09, 2008 for the first day after the February 18, 2008 General Election, has completed three years of its term on April 08, 2011. This Report, prepared from the Citizens’ perspective, analyses the 3rd-year performance of the Assembly and also provides a comparison of the working of first two years with the third Parliamentary year. The data about the performance of the Assembly was obtained from two sources: we monitored the print media on a daily basis and reviewed 10 English and Urdu daily newspapers for this purpose; we also obtained the performance statistics from the Secretariat of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab is one of the most organised and accessible legislatures in Pakistan. The Assembly has benchmarked standards of public access and transparency ahead of all other legislatures and has been live webcasting the proceedings since 2002 amongst many other initiatives including compilation of historic data relating to rulings and proceedings, etc.