Score Card: 14th National Assembly; The 2nd Parliamentary Year;

June 01, 2014 - May 31, 2015


Publication No: PM-057

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The 14th National Assembly of Pakistan completed its second Parliamentary year on May 31, 2015. In keeping with the PILDAT tradition of compiling and analysing the National Assembly’s performance on a periodic basis since 2002, the current report also looks at some of the main categories of legislative performance. The Score Card on 14th National Assembly of Pakistan: Second Parliamentary Year covers the period from June 01, 2014 – May 31, 2015. The purpose of this evaluation is two-fold: firstly, in line with PILDAT’s on-going attempts to assess the performance of the National Assembly, a series of performance statistics and corresponding analyses have been compiled using data from the National Assembly’s own website. In addition to this exercise, PILDAT has taken this exercise a step further and compiled a Score Card comprising the scores assigned by a PILDATExpert Evaluation Group of current and former legislators, eminent lawyers, and media persons based on a series of Key Performance Indicators identified in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) toolkit.