Performance of the 16th Provincial Assembly of Punjab; 1st Parliamentary Year

June 01, 2013 to May 31, 2014


Publication No: PM-043

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The 16th Provincial Assembly of the Punjab has been voted in through Pakistan’s 10th General Election held on May 11, 2013. It officially completed its first year on May 31, 2014. This report, prepared from the citizens’ perspective, analyses the performance of the 16th Provincial Assembly of Punjab during its 1st Parliamentary Year and also provides a comparison of the performance of the 1st Parliamentary Year of the 16th Provincial Assembly of Punjab with the working of not only the 1st Parliamentary Year but also with the complete 5-year tenure of the previous (15th) Provincial Assembly of Punjab. The data about the performance of the Assembly was obtained from two sources: analysis of the print media which included a review of various English and Urdu daily newspapers. Also, the performance statistics of the Assembly were obtained from the Assembly Secretariat. Furthermore, certain members of the current Provincial Assembly were also consulted not only to gauge its performance but also to devise reforms in order to improve the legislature’s performance. Provincial Assembly of Punjab is one of the most organized and accessible legislatures in Pakistan. The Assembly has benchmarked standards of public access and transparency ahead of all other legislatures and has been live webcasting its proceedings since 2002 amongst other initiatives such as the online availability of performance statistics, an online database of all the legislation processed through the Punjab Assembly since 1860, other historic data related to rulings and proceedings, etc. Therefore, the Provincial Assembly of Punjab has been a pioneer in terms of its dynamism, innovation and adaptability. Because of this, it principally is able to maintain an active relationship with the population of the country. Now that the 16th Provincial Assembly of Punjab has completed its 1st year, it is all the more opportune time to highlight its performance and recommend reforms so that to improve its overall performance. This report is therefore divided into three parts: Part 1 of this paper presents some basic data about the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to set the context of the report. Part 2 presents the data and analysis of various key performance indicators of the 16th Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. Part 3 presents the Strategic Analysis and Required Reforms to improve the performance of the Punjab Assembly.