Performance of the 12th National Assembly of Pakistan

Five Parliamentary Years - November 16, 2002 November 15, 2007


Publication No: PM-011

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Pakistan’s Parliament, apart from dealing with what it terms “political realities” has to take strides in areas such as transparency, accessibility, effectiveness and accountability. It has to take steps to meaningfully involve public to integrate public as its real and solid support base. PILDAT, as an institution committed to strengthening democracy and democratic institutions, has worked to highlight some of these issues through working with elected legislators and public representatives. PILDAT feels that transparency and accessibility of Parliament’s work and its performance is the most important step towards involving people. In addition to the State of Democracy reports that PILDAT brings out annually looking at the performance of different state institutions and actors, PILDAT has also been compiling reports on the performance of the National Assembly and the Senate. The report covers the entire 5-year term of the 12th National Assembly spanning over November 16, 2002 to November 15, 2007. Where possible, a comparison is also drawn with the indian Lok Sabha and British House of Commons in order to look at the performance of the National Assembly of Pakistan in a context.