2nd Parliamentary Year of the 13th National Assembly of Pakistan


Publication No: PM-019

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The Second Parliamentary Year of the 13th National Assembly of Pakistan:

  • 29 Laws passed by the 13th National Assembly in the Second Year compared to 4 Laws in the First Year
  • The Acts to Ordinance Ratio Improved in Second Year: 29 Acts Vs 27 Ordinances compared to 4 Acts Vs 17 Ordinances in the First Parliamentary Year
  • Prime Minister maintains his tradition of attending the National Assembly sittings more regularly than any Prime Minister in the recent history of Pakistan
  • 13th National Assembly met for 344 Hours and 27 Minutes during the Second Parliamentary year which is 24% more time than the First Parliamentary Year
  • Parliament’s Role to Resolve National Conflicts and Crises remains weak
  • Senior MPs fail to set Standards of active Parliamentary Participation for Younger MPs
  • Key Legislation such as Holders of Public Offices (Accountability) remains Pending