Regulatory Frameworks for Recruitment of Migrant Workers

A Comparison of Pakistan and Philippines


Publication No: PD-114

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Protection of the rights and well-being of migrant workers is a top priority for all manpower exporting countries like Pakistan and the Philippines, as export of manpower occupies a central and important place for their economies. To achieve this end, therefore these countries need to make every effort possible to ensure a regulatory framework and mechanism that safeguards and protects rights of labour migrants especially against recruiting and employment agents who take advantage of their lack of information on rules, regulations and procedures governing overseas employment. It is in this backdrop that PILDAT as a part of its efforts to promote and protect the rights of migrant workers as well as to broaden the knowledge of members of Parliament and other key stakeholders, has prepared this comparative matrix of Pakistan and Philippines’ Regulatory Frameworks for Recruitment of Migrant Workers. The matrix presents a succinct comparison of the regulatory frameworks and allied measures to prevent abuses in recruitment and minimum standards in employment contracts and as such, provides a valuable tool for policy makers, practitioners and researchers alike.