Promotion of Agricultural in Pakistan

Pakistan-India Legislators and Public Officials Dialogue: held in Lahore and Karachi; October 06-09, 2015


Publication No: PD-402

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Promotion of Agriculture in Pakistan is a background paper authored by Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan, an Agriculture Economist/ M&E Specialist who has previously worked with the World Bank and other foreign Donors, for the benefit of participants of the Pakistan-India Legislators and Public Officials Dialogue on Sharing of Experiences on Governance and Democracy scheduled to be held in Lahore and Karachi on October 06-09, 2015. The paper outlines various developments that have taken place in the Agriculture Sector in Pakistan over the years. Mr. Khan outlines the strengths and weaknesses in the key policies adopted by the Country and suggests areas and possibilities of improvement in the sphere of Agriculture in Pakistan by comparing it with India.