Performance of Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the indus Waters Treaty

Pakistan-India Parliamentarians Dialogue-V


Publication No: PD-340

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Performance of Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the Indus Water Treaty is a briefing paper authored by Mr. Asif Baig Mirza, Indus Water Commissioner of Pakistan, for the 5 round of the Pakistan-India Parliamentarians Dialogue facilitated by PILDAT. The paper highlights the dispute resolution mechanism contained in the Indus Water Treaty signed by both the countries in 1960 and talks about improving the dispute resolution mechanism defined in the treaty. As an Independent think-tank, PILDAT believes that while diplomatic channels for Dialogue must continue, Parliamentarians from both sides should be facilitated for a greater interaction and developing a better understanding for resolving issues that lead diplomatic initiatives. It is for this objective that PILDAT has been facilitating Parliamentarians Dialogues between Pakistan and India.