Parliamentary Democracy and Good Governance

Roundtable Discussion


Publication No: PD-076

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The report of proceedings of the roundtable discussion present an account of speeches/presentations and ensuing discussion at the event that took place on the topic of comparison of Canadian and Pakistani Parliamentary Systems and how they are employed by Parliaments to ensure good governance. It carries ideas shared by the speakers which included the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, Mr. Peter Milliken; Deputy Speaker, Ms. Jean Augustine; Ms. Sherry Rehman, MNA; (NA-309, Women Sindh-II, PPPP); Mr. Imran Khan, MNA; (NA-71, Mianwali-I Punjab, PTI); Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed (General, Federal Capital; PML) and Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmad (General, NWFP; MMA). The roundtable was attended by Mr. Ashraf Choudhary, Member of Parliament, New Zealand. The proceedings also present the discussion between panelists and participating parliamentarians in the Q&A/Comments Session.