Pakistan mein Pani Kay Masayal [Urdu]

Issues of Water Resources in Pakistan - Updated January 2011


Publication No: PD-204

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This is Urdu Version of the Briefing Paper on Issues of Water Resources in Pakistan. The first edition of this briefing paper was published in September 2003 to brief Members of the Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies in Pakistan on a subject which at that time was being hostly debated inside and out of the legislatures but mostly on an emotive plane without much support of the facts and figures. After the lapse of more than seven years since then, the issues not only stand unresolved, new layers of complications and mistrust have further solidified the issues. The need to resolve the issues has grown many folds as the country urgently requires to develop its water resources to meet the increasing needs of water and electric power. Although the major issues in water resources have have not changed in the last seven years, some new data has become available which can help update the paper before it is used to brief the legislators about the issues and possible way forward. We firmly believe that an informed discourse and dialogue is the most effective means to finding a solution and moving forward. We hope that this updated Briefing Paper will be helpful in making the on-going discourse on water issues and inter-provincial differences an informed one.