Pakistan-India Relations : Post-Mumbai Deadlock & The Way Forward

Pakistan-India Dialogue January 06-07, 2011


Publication No: PD-194

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akistan-India Relations: Post-Mumbai Deadlock and the Way Forward, a paper authored by Dr. Hasan-P Askari Rizvi, acclaimed defence and political analysts, provides an overview of the state of Pakistan-India relations today, the differing narratives on both sides, the constituency for peace in both countries as well as the realistic assessment of plausible future scenario. The paper especially focuses on the post-Mumbai stalemate in relations between two countries while looking at the historical perspective, Dr. Rizvi points out that the single-issue stalemate has not helped the two countries in the past and is not likely to be productive even in the future. The analysis points a way forward in the resumption of the bilateral dialogue. “It is a matter of Choice,” says Dr. Askari, “to stay immersed in the negative aspects of the history of India-Pakistan relations or to shift the focus from the straight-jacketed notion of the state and assertive nationalism to the welfare of human beings.” “If the governments and political and societal elite of India and Pakistan stay trapped in the self-serving historical and political narratives, they would never come out of the current troubles in their relations and they would not be able to pursue normal interaction.”