Money Laundering and Pakistan

Briefing Session for Senior Government Officials


Publication No: PD-123

Rs 3,000  

The PILDAT Briefing Session on the subject of Money Laundering and Pakistan for Senior Government Officials was held in Islamabad on Thursday, December 04, 2008. This report comprises presentations delivered by the experts on the issue followed by an account of Q&A session in which the participants raised various questions and expressed their opinions. This Briefing Session was the first of the series of 5 exclusive briefing sessions intended to bring in consideration the need for an effective and strong money laundering legislation in the country. It also identified the adverse consequences of not having a strong AML regime to check against many crimes contingent with money laundering. The briefing explained the need to comply by the recommendations of Financial Action Task Force. It also pointed out the benefits of having an efficient anti-money laundering legislation that is not only beneficial for the country but also fulfils the international obligation of collectively stifling money launderers’ network and thus curtails illegitimate leakages in the global economy. In addition to Senior Government Officials, briefing sessions were also held for Media Persons, members of the Parliament and Businesspersons of Islamabad and Lahore.