Health and the 18th Constitutional Amendment : Retaining National Roles in Devolution

PILDAT Legislative Brief


Publication No: PD-226

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This Brief has been prepared in the context of dissolution of ministries and transfer of subjects/powers to provinces after the 18th Constitutional Amendment and its impact, especially on Health. The brief explores what should be the role of the Federal Government on some aspects of Health despite its transfer to the provinces. This brief highlights the aspects which require a mandatory role of the Centre. Moreover, an attempt to demarcate the responsibilities of the Centre and the provinces has also been made. This Legislative Brief has been authored by Dr. Sania Nishtar President of Heartfile. The objective of the Brief is to assist Parliamentarians to understand the context, objective and issues relating to the issue and to take well-considered position on the subject. The Brief is also intended to enhance awareness of the Citizens and the Media.