Effective Role in Committees

A Briefing Paper for Women Legislators in Pakistan. Version: November 06, 2019

Effective Role in Committees, A Briefing Paper for Women Legislators in Pakistan has been prepared by PILDAT for the benefit of female legislators across Pakistan’s Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.

Women members elected to Pakistan’s Parliament and Provincial Assemblies believe that a conducive environment is required for them to play a greater role across Pakistan’s legislatures. They also demand that a consistent investment be made in building their capabilities to play a more effective role in Assemblies. An important investment in building capabilities of women legislators is to strengthen their role as effective committee members. While women’s role needs to be strengthened and built in making their overall roles across legislatures more effective, a central part of their role as legislators is as effective committee members.

With the passage of time, as issues involving a country or territory have become more complex, the role of committees has also become more important in dealing with these complex issues. This paper focuses on what is the importance of serving on a committee and how can female legislators become effective committee members.