Education for All in Pakistan

All Parties Conference


Publication No: PD-100

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In the backdrop of the general election on 18 February 2008, UNESCO considered it crucial to apprise political leaders of the status of EFA (Education for All) in Pakistan, and to seek a renewed commitment to meeting the EFA targets by 2015. It was in this context that an “All Parties Conference on Education for All” was organized by UNESCO and PILDAT on 5 February 2008. In the Conference, 28 office bearers from 16 parties participated actively and pledged their party’s support to achieving the EFA golas by signing a Joint Declaration on EFA. The Declaration is a historic document which will guide and inspire the new political leadership to take further steps to eradicate illliteracy and provide equal opportunities of basic education to all children, youth, and adults, irrespective of age, residence, gender, or economic status.