Development Funds for South Punjab

A Discussion Paper based on the statistics of Development Funds allocated to South Punjab from 2003 to 2010


Publication No: GOV-010

Rs 3,000  

The PILDAT Discussion Paper Development Funds for South Punjab has been prepared to discuss the perceived neglect of South Punjab in allocation of development funds in the light of facts, figures and hard data. The subject of ‘impoverished status’ or Governmental ‘neglect’ of the southern region of Punjab is generally discussed at an emotive plane without relevant facts that can lend substance to the issue to facilitate a fact-based discourse necessary to reach a conclusion and to offer recommendations for reasonable reforms. The PILDAT initiative is to provide a fact-based background to enable relevant policy makers to interact on the subject to reach a set of recommendations for reforms. The paper in its present form is meant to initiate a serious discourse on the subject and to understand various view points on the subject. We hope that the paper will evolve with the review and input by a number of persons participating in the discourse on the development or under-development of South Punjab. This paper may be treated as a work-in-progress. The date presented in the paper may require refinement after an initial phase of discussion and review.