Consultations With Parliamentarians on Education for All in Pakistan

Workshop Report


Publication No: PD-130

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The consultation with Parliamentarians on ‘Education for All in Pakistan’ was organized by PILDAT on January 29, 2009 at Serena Hotel Islamabad in association with UNESCO, Islamabad. This session was an effort to review the state of education in Pakistan and the pledges made by 17 political parties of Pakistan in the All Parties Conference held on February 05, 2008, in a siimple and straight manner. APC on ‘Education for All’ was organized by PILDAT and UNESCO, where seventeen major political parties of Pakistan (including the parties now in Government at the Federal level and in the provinces) signed a Joint Declaration on Education for All and pledges to bring positive changes to the education sector by taking action on eight strategic points. To what extent have these political parties strived to fulfill the promises made on APC? What is the real state of basic education in Pakistan? Where do we stand in comparisun to our neighbours and other developing countries? How is our status in education impacting our country? What targets had we committed to achieve and what progress has been made so far? Consultation with Parliamentarians was an attempt to draw their attention to these questions.