Consolidated Report: Pre-Budget Session in the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab

January 17-21, 2011


Publication No: PD-235

Rs 3,000  

The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab held a Pre-Budget Session in January 2011 to seek input of its members in budget budget priorities for the province early in the provincial budget cycle. A laudable step, the Pre-Budget sessions was held consecutively for the second year after it has been institutionalised by the Punjab Assembly through an amendment in the Assembly rules (Chapter XV-A, Rule 133-A) in October 2010. The sub-rule (3) of rule 133-A of the Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997 defines that the ÔÇťAssembly may recommend the proposals to the Government for the next budget on a resolution moved by the Finance Minister after the conclusion of the discussion.” This report carries a compilation of suggestions offered by the Members of the Punjab Assembly on the floor of the House during the Pre-Budget Session. PILDAT, upon request of the Assembly, is proud to assist the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in compilation and sharing of this report. The compiled suggestions are being printed in the form of this report so as to provide adequate reference and background to MPAs while reviewing the Provincial Budget 2011-2012 which has been presented in the House.