Budget Process in Afghanistan

2nd Pak-Afghan Joint Workshop Report


Publication No: PD-117

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PILDAT 2nd Joint Workshop of Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentarians on Parliamentary Budget Process was organised by held in Kabul, Afghanistan on October 28-29, 2008. A Pakistani Parliamentary Delegation, facilitated by PILDAT to take part in the Workshop, was warmly welcomed by the Afghan Parliamentarians, who also participated in the Workshop. Parliamentary Control of the Purse Strings is one of the crucial powers of any Parliament. National budget everywhere is the most important economic policy tool of the Government and provides a comprehensive statement of the nation’s priorities. As the representative of the people, Parliament is the appropriate place to ensure that the Budget best matches the nation’s needs with available resources. Such an exercise demands detailed engagement of the Parliament with the Budget Process. PILDAT feels that Pakistan and Afghanistan as neighbouring countries can share and learn from the parliamentary practices in the two countries with the aim of generating ideas to strengthen parliamentary oversight in each country. It was in this backdrop that the Joint Workshop on Parliamentary Budget Process was organised.